Saturday, December 21, 2013

Funny Finds

Oh the things I've found from Devin's childhood .. love it :) 

Translation of an "Aussie Gentleman" .. He got this when he visited Australia with his parents. 

Wanna Rage?
Would you like to drink vast amounts of alcohol with me until we both drop?

Bloody Oath! 
I'm in total agreement with you.

You are a rather dimwitted person.

Pull ya head in.
You may be correct in your assertion. But shut up.

Fair Ankum
Of course I'm telling the truth

Just a few of the hilarious things it says, that apparently Aussie gentlemen say ... (Kinda sounds like some Oklahoma Rednecks making up funny words to me) 
... just cracked me up. thanks for making me laugh from 500 miles away, Devin :) 

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