Sunday, May 1, 2016

Moving Blogs ...

Hello Family and Friends!

I just want to let you know that I am moving platforms for our family blog.
I think it would be easier for me to be able to post blog updates via my cell phone, since I rarely use my laptop. However, this blogging platform does not offer an app. Therefore, I will be switching over.

New link:

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

31 Weeks Pregnant

I have been getting lots and lots and lots of requests for baby bump pictures, and I've posted them on Facebook and Instagram, but I missed an outlet!

I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and have a 4 pound, 2 ounce baby in utero. He is in the 67th percentile, and is going to be an approximately 8-1/2 pound baby if he's born as according to schedule. He's already head down, face down, and has his feet permanently implanted in mom's ribs. It's actually super comfortable, I promise!  (Sarcasm.) He also has hair, which we were able to see in the ultrasound, however, knowing the color of the  hair was an extra charge we couldn't afford (Wink Wink).

So we are approximately 7-9 ish weeks away from being parents (again, if he decides to stick to the schedule). We've got his nursery all ready, with the exception of a few important things, namely the carseat. But if he were to come today, I think I could send Devin to Target or Babys-R-Us before time to go home for a carseat, and we'd be able to get by! It's actually extremely exciting and extremely nerve-racking all at the same time.

I can't even explain the feelings I have inside.. Like the nerves are unbelievably uncontrollable, but the excitement is even more crazy and strong, and the fear of delivery has officially started to grace my dreams. But all is good! Baby Cooper is healthy as can be, mom is healthy as can be, and dad is patiently preparing for those sleepless nights with mom and baby. He even put in his paternity leave request today - if that's not a sign that things are coming soon, I just don't know what is.

Please remember to keep us in your prayers that all continues to go well, that Mr. Coop decides to bake as long as he can so he can get nice and strong and chunky, and that mom and dad will 1) be able to sleep at night without stressing and worrying and 2) will be able to have dreams about sweet baby snuggles, instead of crazy things like .... Cooper coming out as a girl, Cooper coming out as a fully grown toddler, etc. (Okay fine, Devin probably doesn't need #2 prayers, those are all my weird dreams.) I think we all know what my biggest fear is - delivery. Hahh!

Anyway - The Despain Family sends their love and thanks to all of our sweet friends and family who have been taking such good care of us, checking up on us, praying for us, etc. You are all truly the best, and we're so grateful to have such amazing people in our lives!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

We're Moving to Texas!

Oh, by the way, we're moving to Texas! Prosper, Texas to be exact. Just in the northern section of the crazy busy, crazy crowded, crazy exciting city of Dallas!

We went over Halloween weekend to Dallas to buy a house, and we'll be moving around the beginning of December. 

Someone buy our Omaha home, please!! :) 

Baby Despain is a BOY!

Baby Despain is a boy, and his name will be Cooper! 

We couldn't be any more excited to add this little joy to our family! He's already squirming around like crazy in there, and I love it! During our ultrasound, he could barely stay still long enough for the ultrasound tech to take any pictures! In fact, we had to skip and come back to a few of the measurements because Cooper kept squirming around, rolling, moving, and putting his hands in his face. We even saw the cute little guy suck on his fingers! 

Devin and I are absolutely thrilled to be over halfway through the pregnancy, and to be over halfway there to the day that we'll get to meet our sweet son! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

15 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy is still going strong - Peanut is getting bigger, and starting to show on the outside of my body! I'm going to give a little summary to bring you all up to speed on my pregnancy. 

1st Trimester: 

Expected Symptoms: Morning Sickness, Food Cravings, Food Aversions, Heightened Sense of Smell, Fatigue, Frequent Urination, Acne, Breathlessness, Headaches

Symptoms Amy Experienced:  FATIGUE & APPETITE INCREASE.
Literally, I was STARVING, and had to be eating 100% of the time.

2nd Trimester (so far): 

Absolute heaven. I've already noticed that my energy levels have gone back up, and I can now eat somewhat like a normal person again (Though very recently, I've noticed that my appetite is starting to go back up again). I was able to hear Peanut's heartbeat for the first time (148), and I *think* that I've felt Peanut move! Though I'm not totally sure, because obviously I've never experienced something like this before. Every day I am more and more grateful, and I thank my Heavenly Father for this incredible opportunity every day. Nothing in this world could ever be so exciting and so worth all the tiredness and pain that my body has been experiencing. 

I AM 15 WEEKS PREGNANT (on 9/23/15)

Monday, September 14, 2015


I should have posted an update when I posted it on Facebook - but of course, I didn't!

After two long years of trying for this, Devin and I are FINALLY expecting a baby!! I am due in March, and we find out in a little over 3 short weeks whether it is a boy or a girl! We honestly are so happy, and couldn't be more excited! I've always wanted to be a mother, and (though he doesn't know it), Devin is going to be a fantastic dad! We're thrilled, and March can't come soon enough!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Our Trip Up North

A few weeks ago, Devin and I flew to Calgary, CA and met Devin's parents, Eric in Barbara. We then traveled to Glacier National Park in Montana, and slowly made our way up into Canada to Waterton National Park, Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, and a few other national parks in the area. We had a lot of fun, it was absolutely beautiful, relaxing, and such a nice trip. Here are some pictures from our trip ..  (They are all sorts of out of order)

A view of the beautiful Chateau on Lake Louise

We got to walk on a glacial icefield! It was cold but so neat!

Me, dead beat tired :) 

I got both Devin AND Eric to pose on the icefield for me!

Devin crossing a swinging wooden bridge on our hike through Many Glacier 

They made me ride a SkyTram. I was terrified, but it was a pretty neat experience. 
I'd much rather me in an enclosed tram than a ski lift ... which we also did. 
You would have laughed right along with my family ... I cried a lot. 

On our lovely walk around Lake Louise 

On top of Lake Louise Ski Lifts. I cried the whole way down :) 

Just enjoying a nice book in Glacier Park Lodge our first night.

This is the super cool bus thing that took us onto the Glacier Icefields in Jasper 
National Park. It topped out at a whopping 11 miles per hour! Whoa!

My canoeing buddy on Lake Louise. 

Devin striking a handsome pose while we eat lunch. He's too cute :) 

On our first day in Glacier National Park, we saw 7 bears! 3 mommas, and 4 cubs!
It was so neat! Especially since we didn't see any others the rest of the trip.

I sure love this guy, he's the perfect combination of goofy and serious :) 

We went to the Sky Bridge in Jasper National Park. 
There was a lot of space in between our feet and the hard bottom of the cliff. 
We both got a little nervous standing out there!

This guy is super handsome. At the top of the Lake Louise Ski Lift

On the Jasper National Park Sky Bridge. Ahh! 

Canoeing on Lake Louise with Barbara. It really happened! Proof! :) 

Oh just me bouncing along the swinging wooden bridge on a hike in Many Glacier. 

A view of the Glacial Icefields we were able to walk on. 
The icefield itself is so big that two Paris, France cities could fit on it! WHOA!

In Jasper National Park, we saw a lot of elk. 
These were the mommas with a baby. 

And we saw a few male elks with A LOT of points! 
They were very interesting, and very large. 

Devin and I on the Glacial Ice Fields

Canoeing on Lake Louise

Devin on the Glacial Ice Fields

Barbara striking a pose for us on the balcony of the Glacier Park Lodge.

Devin smiling for the camera at the end of our hike in Many Glacier

Devin taking pictures off the side of the scary Sky Bridge in Jasper NP!

Barbara crossing the swinging wooden bridge on our hike in Many Glacier

Devin with the upper lake in Waterton National Park

Devin and Barbara canoeing Lake Louise

Devin found this really neat waterfall off the side of the road during our trip!

A beautiful view of the Chateau in Lake Louise

Devin and I on the Glacial Ice Fields

Devin and I riding the bus up to the Glacial Ice Fields

The beautiful Price of Wales Hotel

SO many gorgeous views! Hidden Lake up Logan's Pass in Glacier National Park

Riding the boat to the other side of the lake to go on a hike in Many Glacier

Devin and I again on the Glacial Ice Fields

The beautiful waterfall that Devin found off the side of the road.

Lots of fun pictures (and there are over 200 more)! We had such a blast! It was a great dose of the mountains that we've been missing in flat, humid Omaha. We can never get enough of those gorgeous things. We had a blast with Devin's parents, and can't wait until our next adventure! 
However, we are sure glad to be home with our cute puppy, Zoey. She has been really clingy and lovey since we've been home. She doesn't want us to every leave her again. 

Goodbye until Christmas, Despains! We love you and had so much fun! :) 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Monday, January 5, 2015

Comforting Thoughts

Hello Family & Friends! 

It's been so long since I've written in my blog! I've been kept very busy with my calling in church, my job, and my family. We've been busy bees the second half of this year and are hoping to slow it down and relax for a while. 

Today, something caused me to remember something that President Uchtdorf said - 
"The Heavens Will Not Be Filled With Those Who Never Made Mistakes" 

I am very grateful for the knowledge that Heavenly Father doesn't only accept perfect people - he accepts those who make mistakes, learn from them, and repent.
If Heaven were only filled with those who were perfect, it would be a lonely place. 

I know that Heavenly Father has a plan, a plan of happiness that includes us having our own agency, and having the opportunity to live and learn from our own shortcomings. We then have the opportunity to become closer to our Savior by relying on him, and I'm so grateful to have that blessing in my life. 

I hope that you find some comfort in this as well - President Uchtdorf is a smart man.